The Haslett Basin Wildlife Preserve was established in 2009 when Mr. Ted K. Martin gave his portion of the Haslett Basin Property to Sierra Foothill Conservancy. The Basin is the ancestral home of many of the tribal members of the Cold Springs Rancheria, who manages this 120 acre property with SFC. It is located in eastern Fresno County on Nutmeg Creek, a tributary that runs into Pine Flat Lake about six miles downstream of the basin. Haslett Basin is flatter and has more water than the surrounding landscape.

In spite of its relatively low elevation of less than 2,000 feet, the vegetation along Nutmeg Creek includes large ponderosa pines and incense cedars among the expected giant valley oak and alders. There are large open meadows and stands of blue oak. Chaparral covers the hills away from the creek.

The Basin is an important wintering ground for the North Kings River deer herd. The Haslett Basin Wildlife Preserve borders Forest Service lands that are being managed to enhance deer migration corridors and holding areas.

Efforts to address the declining herd population and improve range habitat have been led by federal and state agencies.The establishment of the Preserve further improves wildlife habitat enhancement and connectivity.

The unique partnership between the Tribe and the Conservancy has led to the development of common goals for the Haslett Preserve. Developing a long-term vision and plan for the Preserve will build a foundation for future land use and conservation decisions. Improving deer habitat and providing opportunities for the Tribe to connect to the natural and cultural resources of the property has become a priority for both entities. The Tribe is seeking funding from The U.S Fish and Wildlife Service to help meet these goals.