The Feliciana Mountain Limestone Salamander Preserve is located along the rim of the Merced River Canyon. It provides high quality habitat for the limestone salamander, a species found only in the Merced River. Pacific Gas & Electric funded its purchase in 2009. With stunning views of the Merced River Canyon, the Feliciana Preserve provides access to several native plant species and beautiful displays of wildflowers and blooming shrubs.

This 40-acre preserve is primarily native chaparral with oaks, buckeye, chamis, ceanothus, mountain mahogany, and other chaparral species. The southern portion of the preserve contains a dry pine and oak forest.

The Limestone Salamander (Hydromantes brunus) is a small amphibian, endemic to the Merced River canyon. Adults are brownish with a pale ventral surface and juveniles are yellowish to green. Limestone Salamanders are believed to lay their eggs below the surface in cracks on the talus slopes of the canyon. Their tongues can extend one third of their body length to capture insects.