Ways to Get Involved with Sierra Foothill Conservancy


Become a Member Today!

Sierra Foothill Conservancy supporters are the driving force in the work that is accomplished by the organization. Join us in our efforts toward land conservation, preservation and connecting with our communities through education and outreach.

Loyal members are the cornerstone of SFC’s ability to do good work. Not only does a large membership provide financial stability, but it also gives the organization the necessary credibility for important decision makers such as local and state governments, granting agencies, other organizations in the land trust arena and with the community at large.

The membership is an indispensable asset that includes many volunteers who give their time, energy, and expertise. Hikes, classes, field trips, and events are supported by dedicated members. Preserve crews and highway clean-up crews are also member driven. Members also offer their expertise in the office or with writing and editing documents, articles and other media put out by the organization. In addition, members send photos that appear on the website, in the e-Newsletter, on our photo boards at booth events, and in public presentations.

Members are investing in SFC’s future success and each member is greatly appreciated. If you are not yet a member, we invite you to join our incredible team. For those who are members, we encourage you to connect with your friends and colleagues who share similar land conservation values and introduce them to Sierra Foothill Conservancy. Forward them an e-Newsletter, bring them to an event, tell them your story and why this is such an important venture. Together, we can continue to make an incredible difference for local land conservation!


Contribute Now to immediate needs!

Every additional contribution beyond your membership dues helps continue essential programs and is an investment in the preservation of additional acreage that support the community legacies and their way of life. The Sierra Foothills have a unique place in the history of the West and Sierra Foothill Conservancy is part of that lasting legacy.

Donate Now and expand your investment in SFC and your local conservation community.

Donating directly from your Investment Funds

You can send stocks from your invested portfolio directly to SFC – it’s quick and easy! Just contact SFC for details and we will give you the necessary information to streamline your request.

Giving from your IRA or Retirement Plan

You can save on otherwise taxable distributions from your IRA or Retirement Plan if you are 70 1/2 or over and the distribution is paid directly to Sierra Foothill Conservancy. Consult your investment or tax advisor to see if you can take advantage of this unique way to donate directly to SFC.

Planned Giving – It Can Be Your Legacy

Sierra Foothill Conservancy conserves scenic lands, family ranches, wildlife habitat and clean water in Fresno, Madera, Merced, and Mariposa counties. As stewards of the lands we own and the conservation easements we hold, SFC has made a commitment to oversee these lands in perpetuity. The implication is that SFC can do this only if, as an organization, it survives forever.

One of the principal ways an organization can ensure its future is to have a solid endowment that grows with time. Planned giving is one of the principle ways that SFC builds its endowment. Just as important, it is one of the most cost-effective ways to donate to local land conservation with considerable tax benefits to the donor.

For more information on legacy gifts and how to help conserve our foothills and rural communities, please contact Sierra Foothill Conservancy at (209) 742-5556 or sfc@sierrafoothill.org

Foothill Heritage Circle

Supporters who make a life-income or estate gift to the Sierra Foothill Conservancy become honored members of the Foothill Heritage Circle. As a member of The Foothill Heritage Circle you will help insure that the lands you care about are protected forever. Your planned gift to Sierra Foothill Conservancy is a meaningful statement of your vision for the future and what you want to leave behind.

The greatest gift you can leave is one that transcends generations by continuing a legacy of your conservation and community values.


Volunteers are the lifeblood of the organization. Our volunteers conduct research, help with land conservation projects, lead hikes, present workshops / classes, organize / manage Open Preserve days, man informational tables at various events and guide elementary school field trips. We rely on volunteers for maintenance work and trail building on the preserves and we field clean-up crews on two portions of highway in Madera and Mariposa Counties. As you can imagine, our volunteers are critical to the work we do – it would be great to have you join our Team!

Volunteers make it happen!

All in all, volunteers gave over 3200 hours of their time this past fiscal year – that is the equivalent of 1.5 employees!

SFC truly appreciates each volunteer and would like to express our gratitude to all those who have demonstrated their passion by investing their precious time, generous work, and boundless energy … Thank YOU!!

Join our Volunteer Team today – send an email to sfc@sierrafoothill.org listing your interests, skills and talents. Or check out our Event Listing for upcoming volunteer opportunities.