The Preserves

fg-stream-tfleming-100322There’s nothing that compares with a deep connection to a specific place with stories that span multiple generations. For many, the story of our family is spread across states or even continents. Regardless of our origin, we likely remember finding refuge and wonder in an open field or meadow, a stream or river, a tree or forest. These early memories laid a foundation for our lifelong appreciation of the outdoors.

Sierra Foothill Conservancy protects places that have stories and places that continue to make memories for generations to come. Whether you are a long-time member who anticipates the Carpenteria in bloom, a partnering landowner who has decided to conserve your property in perpetuity, or a second-grader who experienced the foothills for the first time on the McKenzie Preserve, SFC helps to ensure that there will always be places for refuge and wonder.

mck-foggy-trees-cmorales-130125At this moment in its history, the Sierra Foothill Conservancy is the proud owner of eight nature preserves, totaling 6,481 acres. Although they are all located in the Sierra Nevada foothills, they are remarkably diverse in their history, their topography, and their plant and animal life. In fact, they stand as splendid examples of the rich diversity of different habitat types in this region. SFC offers guided hikes on several of our preserves.

SFC acquires these preserves in many different ways. Some are set aside for specific endangered species, while some are donated to us by landowners who want to see the land cared for and protected forever. For opportunities to access these properties, check out our Event Calendar for scheduled hikes, classes and open preserve days.