Quarterly Newsletters


BLACK MOUNTAIN FIRE RECOVERY UPDATE (8-2016) – Sierra Foothill Conservancy has been working tirelessly on the restoration efforts since the recent Goose Fire broke out on July 30th impacting 865 acres of the Black Mountain Preserve. SFC staff is currently conducting an extensive post fire assessment and outlining restoration plans by reaching out to specialist resources related to soil, vegetation and post fire management. read more

BEAN CREEK PRESERVE MEADOW RESTORATION PROJECT (8-2016) – The Bean Meadow property, located in Greeley Hill, was donated to Sierra Foothill Conservancy in 2011. While SFC was ecstatic to own and steward this beautiful meadow, we immediately recognized that the creek was eroding at such a rapid pace that we would soon lose the meadow. read more

STOCKTON CREEK VEGETATION MANAGEMENT PROJECT (7-2016) – Through grant funding made possible by the Sierra Nevada Conservancy, SFC has had the opportunity to implement much needed fuels reduction work on the Stockton Creek Preserve. This 480 acre Preserve is located in Mariposa, a short distance from the town center and is the only SFC Preserve open to the public. read more