The Bean Creek Preserve was gifted to SFC by Teri and Ken Pulvino in 2010. Thanks to the Pulvino family, this beautiful property will be protected forever.

The Bean Creek Preserve is a low elevation mountain meadow at approximately 3,000 ft. elevation. Bean Creek flows through the property, collecting at a small pond on the southern end. Bean Creek eventually flows into the North Fork of the Merced River, about 7 miles from the Preserve. The meadow offers a refuge for raptors, songbirds, and Great Gray Owls.

John Muir passed through the property in the mid 1800s on his walk to Yosemite Valley. The John Muir Geotourism Center highlights the Bean Creek Preserve as an important stop on Muir’s journey.

This preserve will protect the property’s open space meadow and forest in perpetuity.